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                                                            by URN SYSTEM DESIGNS INTERNATIONAL
     You  are living in the communication age where data is continuously being gathered and interpreted into information to aid decision makers. These decisions could be pertaining to the amount of raw materials or man-hours needed in a production process, to which stocks will rise or fall in the stock markets and even to which numbers have the greatest potential of occurring in the next lottery drawing. 

     You know that the number that will come in the next drawing has nothing to do with numerology; your license number, what you dreamed about, your house number, telephone number, your grocery receipt total, your birthday, what came on this date last year, computing a number where one digit is the same as another, and I could go on and on. I have tried them all and have wasted TIME and MONEY. URN System Design would never INSULT your intelligence.  BEFORE YOU BUY ANY SYSTEM, FIND OUT IT'S WINNING AVERAGE.   You want a company that will stand behind their books and advertisement.   

     You must have constant factors, consistency in creative procedures, the right timing and permanents in the selection processes to have any chance of determining random events in dynamic environments. The steps in the books will aid in eliminating some of the compulsive, obsessive and stress that is a constant factor where there's no guidances or instructions in attempting a task. Our lottery systems will be of some comfort in you knowing there are no true lucky numbers just strategy and skill.  

     When searching for a Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery system, first try to find one that’s:

  •  simple,

  • be aware of advertisement making claim with the words: only way, free winning pick 3 system, best pick, that words, everytime, only proven, read deal, ultimate, because no one can make these statements without knowing the facts about the other systems that are on the market.  If you do contact them; [which is sometimes imposible], then ask them how can or how were they able to  prove such statement.  They won't respond!

  • check out the ads that state ONLY FACTS ABOUT THEIR PRODUCTS.

  • profitable,

  • with lifetime support and coaching because you probably will have questions and lifetime refunding policy, which mean if the strategies stops producing you should have a refund.

      Remember, any strategies can be used for a Lifetime but what good is it if it's not working and the 60 day refunding period is over!  Providing a lifetime servicing policy is your insurance that our product are not inferior.  Don't fall for hike up sales pitches using pictures of vacations, big houses, suitcases full of money and fancy cars entice and lure you to purchase.  Here you will read conversations between the author and the client interested in the products.       


    Urn System Designs International Sites & Resources for lottery [lotto] players.
    Urn System Designs International's intensions are:
    • To show you how to determine the best systems for yourself, where and how to find what you need to succeed.
    • To give you full support with coaching, tutoring and the confidences that you investment is save with a Litetime Refunding Policy for purchasing the best strategies for all lottery games at the lowest cost which the highest possible profit.
    • To keep you sharp, your mind straight and realize that nothing worthwhile is free.  The free systems that we are going to include with all purchases are to show you how you can take one theory and create different systems; yet in reality they are all the same and usely worthless which are not really free or have value, which is the reason they are free.
    • To offer facts, insurance support, tutoring for a lifetime and personal interaction pertaining to your special needs concerning lotto, lottery, lotteries, lottery results, winning numbers, lottery software tips, books, ebooks and statistics.
    • To allow you to know me which is ONLY possible through live interaction. 

    Lotto software is:

    • Nothing but a lot of data that stored and has yet to be form into useful information for valueable discision making which is the reason for your purchase. The only decision that will be made is you deciding what to play after it yields a array of random predictions which you could do with your eyes closed.
    • They are very unuseful to determine accurate information in their random predictions distribution of numbers.

    The winning numbers will aways be the number that yield the best results for the lottery business.  The filtering features are good only if you have a system-theory and know what you are filtering is of value, thus used as a time saver aide device to arrive at your conclusions which should and bless made manually and as objectively as possible. 

    Please visit our sites:h


    If you are interested in the systems available on the Internet; please visit the link below which purpose is to give you a starting point to compare what the world has to offer.

    Coming Soon - In construction NOW. 

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